The Seagull

Inspired by how seagulls are attracted to the lake in the script and a serie of photographs of rotten flowers in water. The color palette is light which mimic the flower fading in water, and less pattern was used to create a dream feeling.

Ariel Wang - Mme. Arkadina Act I
Mme. Arkadina Act I
Ariel Wang - Mme. Arkadina Act IV
Mme. Arkadina Act IV
Ariel Wang - Konstantin Act I
Konstantin Act I
Ariel Wang - Konstantin Act IV
Konstantin Act IV
Ariel Wang - Nina Act I
Nina Act I
Ariel Wang - Nina Act IV
Nina Act IV
Ariel Wang - Madsha Act I
Madsha Act I
Ariel Wang - Medvedenko Act I
Medvedenko Act I
Ariel Wang - Shamraev Act I
Shamraev Act I
Ariel Wang - Sorin I
Sorin I
Ariel Wang - Tringorin Act IV
Tringorin Act IV
Ariel Wang - Dr. Dorn Act I
Dr. Dorn Act I
Ariel Wang - Housemaid
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